Ok that’s a lie, Chester County is by far one of the nicest counties in Pa but it’s not really always sunny.  As a matter of fact, there hasn’t been much sun at all lately which is strange for August (although I am just now blogging Spring sessions so it was sunny at the time these were taken). Regardless, how could your days not look a little brighter after looking at these cute faces?!!?!?!?

Miss Taylor at 6 months:


and Matthew, the 3rd blessing for one of my most favorite families!!!


As for personal news, I am neck deep in studio renovations thanks to the amazing Thrive Makeover Workshop.  I am just giddy with excitement and cannot wait to share the final results!!!   If anyone is looking for an amazing business workshop – this is the one to go to!  Believe in yourself and believe in your business and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed!



  1. Sofia wrote: Oh my goodness!! These photos are just adorable! Well, together with maaaany more in your blog. You had me addicted to your blog all day, LITERALLY. I spent hours just looking though your posts... And you're to blame for all the inspiration I now have! Great job!! You earned a fan some hours ago. (11/30/13, 3:37 pm)

So, on my last post I declared that I was going to bring my personality back to this blog and in my typical fashion, I froze and just avoided it entirely.  That’s not exactly true, I had a ton that I could write about but I also want to keep this a PC and happy place so avoidance was my best option.  Let’s see……..what have I been up to lately other than pondering the disappearance of Pudding Pops from the frozen treat section (which still really irks me)???  I especially miss the little ice piece that would form around the bottom but anyway………what have I been up to?  Well, I finished volunteering at the kids’ classes this week and that brought home the fact that this school year is almost over. WHAAAAAT?  How did that happen?  I’ve been busy with sessions and lots of album designs which I absolutely love.  I’m busy trying to figure out how to keep my kids happy and entertained this summer and I’m busy with dreaming about summer vacation!!  Ohhhhhhhhh, I’ve also been busy reading a little trilogy known as……..ah, forget it – noone wants to hear about THAT.

OH but speaking of guys with GREAT HAIR.  I was so happy to see this little guy in my studio.  I did his newborn portraits and was shocked at how much hair he had then but now his absolute adorableness just blew me away.  I hear he is a terrible sleeper but how could you ever be angry when this is the face waking you up!!?!?!?




love him!!

  1. Heather M. wrote: what a doll! his hear is just awesome. gorgeous photos. (05/10/12, 10:22 pm)

  2. Kelly wrote: They are adorable Becky! Look at those locks of hair! Wow, and I'm always partial to mom and baby pictures! :) (05/10/12, 11:18 pm)

  3. Jill wrote: oh my gosh--that picture of him with his arms up. Friggin adorable. That is one cute kid. And I don't like the ice crystals. I used to wash them off. (05/11/12, 11:53 am)

Last August I was asked to be a contributing photographer on Anni’s new book Naturally Fun  Parties for Kids.  Anni is an accomplished author with quite a few cookbooks geared towards eating organically and conscious  family living practices.  It was such an honor to work with Anni and to see a little glimpse into her life.  Anni and her husband Tim, are two of the best parents that I know and have created a beautiful little world in their new Chester County home free of the influence of television and other mainstream products (I did not see a plastic toy in the whole house which is quite an accomplishment when you have 3 children under the age of 7).  I’m sure they do have a television in their home but I certainly couldn’t find it.  It was so inspiring to see a mother cooking with her children and doing crafts with her children (not to mention that she may be the most patient person ever) and practicing what she preaches.  I wish I could be that person!!!!  This book is so much fun with detailed instructions for creating natural, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious parties throughout the year.  Please check it out and you may recognize a certain little girl in the pages who was excited about becoming “famous”.  haha.



I also have to include these images captured during my time in the Daulter household because they represent everything I love about life:  chocolate cake, adorable babies, and a man cooking in the kitchen!  It’s a good life being Anni!!!

  1. kasandra wrote: what a fun project and beautiful book! i'm off to buy! (04/25/12, 10:47 am)

  2. Heather M. wrote: wow, that book sounds awesome! right up my alley. and i feel like i need to start calling you amy or something. ;) (05/10/12, 11:49 pm)

Big surprise that I’ve been a little slow in blogging lately, that must mean that Spring is in full bloom over here.  I have a few weekend spots remaining for Spring and I would love to meet you!!!  I’ve had some beautiful newborns in my Phoenixville studio lately (and some really sweet parents too) that I wanted to show off.

Meet Charley – so adorable and quite possibly the most loved little girl in the world!!




I had to include this one for her daddy who didn’t know that babies can be born with ear hair.  Don’t worry. It will go away and if not, she’ll have long hair to cover it!!! haha



Now that the adorableness has soaked in, I have a confession.  I used to love to blog and then it became a chore and then I just stopped doing it altogether so I had to step back and ask myself why I don’t enjoy it anymore.  I read through all of my old posts and realized that the reason I don’t enjoy it anymore is that I don’t add personal information like I used to.  Somewhere along the way, I stopped being me and just started posting the minimum information about the images assuming that is all anyone is interested in.  I now think I was wrong for assuming that.  Yes, the images are important to showcase my ability but giving you insight into my personality is important too.  I know I would want to know more about the person I am inviting into my home, the person who I trust to capture my precious family moments and the emotional connection we have with each other.  Mostly I want to know that this person is energized and passionate and safe (especially when handling my precious newborn baby!).  I also want to know that they can handle our sarcasm and understand that humor is what makes our family tick.  My promise is that I will start to bring myself back into my blog and this is my first attempt at doing that.

I’m Becky – please don’t call me Rebecca.  I don’t like either name to be perfectly honest but I’ve always been called Becky (even though my actual first name is Amy).  When I began my business, “Becky Coyle Photography” sounded too immature so I chose the more mature sounding “Rebecca Coyle Photography” and now it’s like the first day of school everyday where I have to tell my teachers that I don’t go by Amy.  It’s not that I hate the name Rebecca, it’s just that it feels sort of pretentious to me to suddenly become Rebecca when my friends know I’ve never used that name.  I love it when I run into an old friend who asks me if I’m now Rebecca as though I went to college and came home thinking that I’m too good for Becky.  Heck no (I really wanted to say Hell here), I’m still the same Becky who won worst case of Senioritis in highschool.  This is my claim to fame since that is probably the only thing I ever won in highschool – actually I did win a soccer game against Twin Valley in my Junior Year by scoring the winning goal.  I still count that even though I was the only 11th grader still on the Junior Varsity Team and I didn’t actually score the goal, I passed it to the person who did but those little details are SO not important.  On that note, I think I’ve shared enough of me to last a few weeks so there you go………..I’m back.

  1. Jill wrote: Yay! you are back. Love the photos--you are a baby whisperer. (04/16/12, 12:09 pm)

  2. Heather M. wrote: love that little tidbit about your name. :) and those photos are just gorgeous. (05/10/12, 10:15 pm)

I don’t even know how to begin this post without reminiscing about my good ole West Chester University days.  Unbelievable that I haven’t seen Michelle in almost 20 years!!  All of our K-heart girls will be happy to see that we reunited on Facebook and I was lucky enough to be able to photograph the sweetest new member of her family, Dean.  Seriously – 18 years since Spring ’94 – how is that even possible!?!?!?!?!?  Thanks Michelle for making the trip from Philadelphia to see me!!

I am loving this smile!!!

  1. Tamarra Tamika cannon"Tee-Tee" wrote: Awwww, this is so special in so many ways! I love it! Your pictures are breath taking! (03/18/12, 2:13 pm)

  2. kasandra wrote: what a gorgeous baby! that second picture makes me smile :) (03/19/12, 8:24 am)

  3. aris coleman wrote: Becky....you are truly talented....u captured such precious moments ...I will call you for a shoot. (03/19/12, 9:11 am)

  4. Foi wrote: OMG! Gorgeous pictures! Can Maasai still get a shoot? He's 2 now but very photogenic!Girl U got mad skills... And patients. LoL (03/19/12, 10:15 am)

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